BP Oil Spill Claim Appeals

Four years after the eventful 2010 oil spill that affected the areas around the Gulf of Mexico, major oil company BP Plc is found to be “grossly negligent” by a federal judge. Following a ruling given by US District Judge Carl Barbier, BP Plc could have additional fines of up to $17.6 billion to the $42 billion they already are required to pay for charges after causing what is considered to be the worst offshore disaster in the history of the United States. As many as 5 states close to the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico have been affected by the oil spill, and the compensation has been very slow. With this new penalty, claimants and their lawyers are hoping that they will have their settlement given soon.

The report stated that the court has ruled BP was grossly negligent and that their “willful misconduct” resulted in the oil discharge. After the ruling, BP Plc has immediately released a statement declaring their move to appeal the decision. According to their statement, they “…believe that the finding that is was grossly negligent with respect to the accident and that its activities at the Macondo well amounted to willful misconduct… “is lacking supporting evidence during the trial. In connection to this, the U.K. government has issued their support for BP Plc’s appeal regarding their multi-billion dollar oil spill settlement.

The appeal, backed upped by the government of the United Kingdom, claims that settlement payments were going to people who were not injured or affected by the oil spill, and would count as a “grave international comity concern.” BP’s appeal states that there was misinterpretation in the settlement which ended up benefiting claimants who had no direct or logical connection to the oil spill. The U.K.’s appeal mirrors that of BP, arguing that permitting the settlement process to move as it is will discourage other companies from pursuing the same type of settlements in the future.

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