Causes for Damage to Belongings in Storage Units

There are many variables to consider when storing belongings in a storage unit. While some are simply minor and logistical such as how to maximize space or what to package items in, other factors regard the well-being of the items in the unit. Rain, temperature, and theft are three things that could cause harm to belongings.

When water seeps into a storage unit, it only takes little to ruin a lot. When it rains, if the units are not properly constructed and items not properly protected, rain can ruin wooden items, while causing others to get soggy and moist. Couches, chairs, and other furniture are at risk of having temporary or permanent water damage. Even if the items aren’t destroyed, they can deteriorate significantly.

Secondly, the temperature of a storage unit can affect the items. If the climate of the storage unit’s area drastically varies, temperature controlled storage units are an option to consider. Climate controlled self storage units stay at a constant temperature to prevent damage caused by extreme heat or cold. If the air breaches high temperatures, moisture in the air can damage belongings.

Lastly, theft of a storage unit can occur if the facility isn’t properly secure. It is best to store items where the units are gated, guarded by a security guard, monitored through a surveillance system, and accessible with one key. Furthermore, once items are stored, it is wise to change the lock every now and then. All of these precautions aim to prevent someone breaking into the unit and stealing personal items.

All three of these factors should be considered when choosing a storage unit. If not, any of them can either pose harm to your items, or result in the disappearance of them. If properly protected against natural causes such as weather, and guarded against thievery, items will be better protected.

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